Thursday, November 8, 2007


Living in the shade

Of love unreciprocated

Is the worst torture

For the heart and soul

You think and dream

What’s in her heart?

How does she think of me?

But your quests are never answered

Thus life goes on as normal

But if you turn it inside out

Ev’rybody will see

That you are dead



I passed by the stream, this time alone

The stream between the rocks

Where the previous day

You had touched the water

And scooped if in your hands

Yes I passed by that stream

The water was not clear, as it was

When you had fondly scooped it

And caused a ripple in my heart

But still I crossed it

Secretly in my heart, I strongly cursed

He who had dirtified the waters

For in clean water do I embrace your love

And dirty waters are bad omen for our intimacy

Or so I thought as I crossed the stream.

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