Wednesday, February 6, 2008


When the war is over,
n the ceasefire is declared,
will you look me in the eye n tell me;
Sorry for killing your brother,
sorry for torching your house,
N leaving you belongingless,
Sorry for making you a refugee in your own country,

Will you be ready to listen to me when i tell you,
the war we should be fighting shouldnt be based,
On what tribe i hail from,
Nor using Machetes n the works,
But rather on how much we own,
We should be fighting for us,
they,ve had their fair share of wealth,
The fight should be ideaological,
Our biggest enemies are the have,s
Yet we,re busy killing the have not's
Nothing will change for as long as they'll be up there,
Our voices can soar up and reach them if we're
If the National cake is baked with peace love n harmony,
then that's how it should be eaten,
not decorated with hatred nor seasoned with tribalism,
to be continued...
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