Tuesday, March 25, 2008

unME No! me YES

I am so so sorry
For the pain for the pain I caused you this year
For all the tears you shed
Or never shed
For me
For all the errors of commission
And omission
This and subsequent years
Not apologized for.

I am sorry for the right or wrong words
Uttered at the right or wrong time,
Place or context,
For all the expressions,
Overt or covert,
Implied or outright,
That might have put a frown on your face

I am so sorry for being nasty me,
A ME that only thinks of itself,
A ME that’s so stubborn,
A ME that’s so hard to understand,
That’s ME
And I’m so sorry for being That ME

If only I could undo the pain,
Unshed the tears,
Unerror the errs,
Swallow back all the wrong words uttered,
Be a different ME

But the status quo remains
History is gone with the wind,
Never to be erased or changed
Only to improve on it
As we struggle with now
And anticipate a better TO-morrow
I can only be ME,
Unless you want ME to be me!
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