Sunday, May 10, 2009

know pain no pain

Knowing you has been pain,
Knowing the real you.
The you you hide behind your beautiful fa├žade.
The mask almost had me fooled,
For once I was fooled,
For once I was blinded by your beauty.
Taking it at face value,
Taking it as it seemed.
To me you seemed genuinely real,
To me you passed for an angel.
But wait,
Look what you’ve done?
Look what a miserable man you’ve made,
That shivers chill my spine at your name,
That I wish I knew you not,
But do i?
No I don’t know you,
No I have never met you.
Yet I struggle to forget you,
Yet you rejoice at my pain.
Knowing the real you,
Knowing you has been pain.
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