Saturday, July 11, 2009

NOW is the time

Will you cry for me when i'm gone?
Will you wail for me when i'm done?
Will you?
Heap all the world's superlatives,
All the world's praises,
All the world's positives?
On a brother soon gone?
On a life well lived,
On a soul with no foul?
Tell me while i can hear.
Will you sadly reminisce,
On all the good tymes we didnt spare,
And shared?
All the good things i did did not say?

Let bycomes be bycomes,
Here i am,
Right now is what means all to me,
I can use your superlatives,
I can do without your negative criticism,
I can heal my hurt,
If you only let me lean on your shoulder,
If you can compliment me now,
If you can redeem time,
And not wait for regret session;

I wish i hadn't hang up on him,
I wish i hadn't been so harsh to him,
I wish i hadn't taken him for granted,
I wish he could have known how much i loved him,

Go ahead;
Say it,
I am all ears!
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