Monday, November 19, 2007


Do I cry at night?

Do I lie and fight?

Ask me another one

Do I sit back and watch pain inflicted without cause?

I wish I had three hands,

And answer your questions.

What do you think?

Do I mourn the loss of you in my cold bed?

Do I cry for you in the rain?

Do I sing for you in the train?

Do sit in pain and reminisce all the good times we shared?

Tell me how many tears does a man have to cry

To prove his love to you oh Cinderella?

How many years do I have to wait in the rain?

With three hands I could hold you

Hold you closer

And still…

Hold you tight that u would have no alternative but to stay by my side

Forever if it still exists…

Through my window I can see it is growing dark outside

The birds have stopped rejoicing

Its time to retreat to their warm nests

And it’s yet another fabulous moment for me

To sit back relax and nurse my wounds

Wounds inflicted without cause

By a caring soul

A soul that once shared in my dreams..

Dreams about happiness,




A soul

That has now found another dwelling,

Another prey to devour,

Another unsuspecting victim,

A soul,

Some few months later,

Will be harmonizing my tune,

A tune my lungs have worn out singing,

A tune I would rather not sing given an alternative

You will never hear me sing it

You will only conduct me on

Coz it’s sweet music to your beautiful ears

Listen on and enjoy yourself…

But I wont sing for long,

I wont wait for long

I wont cry for long,

Lungs grow weary,

Waiting boring


Tear ducts run dry.

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