Monday, November 19, 2007


You’ve grown deaf to the sounds of my agony

You are fully committed to the cause of this felony

You’ve left me wondering;

How times you’ve done this vice, how many?

Am I your first victim, your second, or just another?

You’ve pinned me down very strongly ,

With your mighty strength your lust you quench,

In such an helpless creature like me,

‘WE’ if am just another victim of your beastly lust.

We’ve tussled as I struggled to save my chastity,

But my ant-size energy compares not to your elephant-size energy.

But listen to the voice of reason as it shouts “foul play!” from your heart,

Are you listening? Or you’ve raped yourself deaf

To your own conscience?

I could be your wife just imagine?

And you…another man or monster, think of it,

Or even your mother, sister, aunt or daughter,

And you? Still that monster. consider that.

Into how many pieces would you cut or tear the monster?

Into what mash would you crush that monster?

Tell me?

Would your ego jig around if one defiled your dearest?

Tell me?

Would you pursue your cause, if a miracle happened,

That, instead of me pinned down here,

You see your sister?

Would you?

Have pity on me,

Bid me be your serf,

Rather than bruise my ego.

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