Monday, November 19, 2007


Dark clouds,

A drop…just a single drop

That opened the gates,

The wide wide wild gates

Leading to man’s inner closets

A one way traffic…just a single lane.

Another drop…pushing the first one downwards,

The clouds begun melting-a sign o heavy torrents,

Torrents of a heavy- laden, troubled heart

A troubled heart a smitten soul.

The downpour relieving the soul of its burden,

The burden of another being, a human being like me

With no place to rest a heavy head,

No rags to cover the sweat stained, lean body

And no chance to grab a crumb of bread.

I stood in the rains unarmed

Absorbing the heavy torrents of her pain,

Reminiscing upon my status and counting my gains.

My few tobacco-stained coins would only stain her,

Red, mud-stained, plastic bowl,

And my sincere humble and silent prayer,

Would only solve half the problem.

The rain had ceased,

And my pillowcase resolution stuck

Though my dream was back to oblivion,

‘A loving, caring, and sincere heart is all,

that all beggars wait for in the streets-and I

will do my best to provide it.’

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