Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jobless corner

Its ideas galore,
It’s the best park in town,
The best school where everyone gets to understand,
The hopeless and the hopeful.
For the hopeless,
The lesson is ‘I’l never make it, I’m doomed to the paupers’ hall of fame.’
For the hopeful ‘hang in there buddy, help is on the way’
Everyone gets his chance to be the professor, the lecturer, the tutor or just the advisor.
Your are right,
This is Jobless corner.
WELCOME; Hakuna matata.

Solace to the les comes from khat, booze or cigars,
I choose to dream away the present,
And reminisce on the past ‘GOOD TIMES’
If they were ever there.
How I wish the hands of time would change course,
And cycle retro; reverse to my childhhood days,
Days when I didn’t have to worry for nothing.
The food,
A roof over my head,
No sitting by the phone waiting for that life changing call from ‘The Firm.’

At the corner, everyone is licensed to dream,
And the dreams are contagious,
Stay away if you are allergic,
But I know dreams are visions that are some few kilometers from reality.
So sing along with me;
Dream, Dream, Dream, Dreeeeaaaam….
For that is our anthem here at jobless corner.
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