Monday, April 13, 2009

Like me or LIKE ME... no option

You thought i was done?
Think again.
You thought i was gone?
Think again.
You thought i was alone?
Think again.

Think again and again and again.
For how can your thinking be so skewed,
How can the clear facts seem so blurred to you?
I thought they said your I.Q borders abnormal?
I thought they said your sight penetrates opaque?
I thought your wisdom made King Solomon jealous?

So what happened?
where did the sun start beating you?
Yes the rain?
Did you shatter your drawing board?
Can you find your way back?
Or you A guiding hand?

I am not done,
I am not gone,
And i am not alone.

God still has a lot of work to do through me,
So that answers your headache,
Dont scratch your balding head anymore,
I am and will never be alone, gone or done.
Keep the hope alive.
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