Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who was MJ?

Hey Whacko whoever and wherever you are hope this note gets to you,
I have CCd Angel Gabriel and lucifer's most trusted messenger
Coz i haven't yet known where u went
Just as i didnt know whether you were black or white.

I am not sure of the way you make me feel
We all hated to love u,
We wanted to despise u,
Some asked us why why,
And as u had thought us;
we told them its just human nature,
They thought that u were so dangerous to hate, love or despise,
so we told them to beat it.
At the bottom of my heart i knew you were not bad,
Even though you said you were,
I tried to convince them then...but it's now that they get to believe me,
Anyway that's water under the bridge,
For now i wanna be startin somethin for you.
I know you're not alone,
Bet you've already sent my regards to Bob,Makeba, Issa and the rest,
Remember the time you wanted to heal the world?
U have surely rocked my world,
Bet not mine alone,
u leave behinid not just a legacy, but such big shoes
Size 20? Nope they are bigger than that
It will take centuries to find someone who can fit in them
If there will ever be someone in the first place,
And as my tears oblige to the force of gravity,
Only you can make me happy,
The you that still lives in the Souvs you left us.
You are not invincible Whacko,
In your music, videos and other works
I can feel you, see you and even reach out my hand and touch you,
some think you are gone too soon, but that's the way of all men,
I am also waiting for my train home; heaven,
Will you be there?
I could bring you whatever u might have left behind,
You were once a stranger in Moscow,
And once again i know you are a stranger in Nevercomeback land.
I have cried,
I want to scream too
But i just remember u told me that we are the world
So starting with the man in the mirror
We all pay you you due rights.
Quid pro Quo MJ
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