Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sometimes we believe we can, thats why we do,
Sometimes we believe we cant and so we dont,
sometimes we wait for someone to come and dry our tears,
to soothe our lonely hearts,
to patch the broken pieces and place them back together,
like a piece of jigsaw,
Sometimes we are tempted to just sit down,
Muse over ou problems,
Burn alone from inside,
Hope for a solution,
But from where?
Sometimes we have to say and believe,
Yes we can,
Sometimes we have to stop believeing we cant,
Sometimes we have to dry our own tears,
Maybe they are internal tears,
NO one sees them,
Sometimes we have to soothe our hearts,
Maybe that's what nurtures and nourishes it,
sometimes we have to let the pieces remain where they are,
Sometimes we have to
Rise up,
Dust our shoes,
Run on head-on collision course with our problems,
For within us
Is Divine, infinite POWER,
Just sometimes
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