Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just wondering

What becomes of unloved love?
Does it accumulate and become LOVE?
Or does it mutate into hate?
Or even to the lesser like?
Does love age?
And with age improve like old wine?
Or it ages and fades into oblivion?

What about laughter?
What becomes of Suppressed laughter?
Where does it go?
Does it resign into the fate of the heart?
Where does it originate?
Does laughter journey back into its source?
Does it permanently grace our face?

And the invisible smile?
Who sees
Feels it?
Does it have any effect?
Does last a mile?
Or only for a while.

The unshed tears?
Where are they stored?
Do the unshed tears taste salty too?
And when shed,
At last,
Do they flood our face or heart,
Do our tears contribute to the sea?
Or they evaporate and become part of the rain?
Rain that washes our hearts free of hurts,
And what's the colour of tears of joy?
Do they too seem colourless to the naked eye?

I just wonder....
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