Monday, August 3, 2009

Poetic doodling

And when the time came,
And when the bell tolled,
And when the sun went down,

And the moon smiled down,
On a lonesome soul,
Devoid of smiles and joy,
Full of uncertainty and worry,
Filled with hopes untold,
Deep in thoughts and plans,

I knew it was time,
I knew i had to,
I knew the journey was over,
For the moon beckons us to rest,
To pause,
At least for a moment,
From our fares and cares,
Worries and furies,
Fears and tears,

Only for some few hours,
A stopover,
To refuel once more,
For the long voyage ahead,
The tiresome flight into the unknown future,

A new day beckons,
We can rush forward to meet it or
Wait for it to meet us,
But then it would take us by surprise,

The feeble embers of the rising sun,
And the fading melody of the beautiful moon,
The greenlight to brand new beginnings
A continuation of yester cares....
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