Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just for MAMA

Mama this is your space,
The whole world should be your space,
You held nothing back,
You let me have it all.

I soiled myself,
You did not not pinch your nose in disgust,
I cried at night and disturbed your sleep,
Yet you cuddled me with love,
And loved me back to sweet sleep,

As if amazed too,
You cheered me on as i made my first step,
As i tumbled and fell,
You urged me on,
Picking me up,
Hoisting me back to the track,
To race against me,
And when i finally stood up without holding onto nothing,
You cheered me as if I'd won a gold medal,

Mama this your poem,
In fact all these are your poems,
You deserve each poem the world has ever seen,
Yet this is the only one i can manage,
At least for now,

To express my sincere gratitudes,
My belated THANK YOU note,
Which should have come in ages ago,

Mama this is your day,
Everyday should be mama's day,
You deserve to celebrated daily,
If only to remind us daily,
The big role you played in making us US,
Especially me.

Mama this is your child,
Everyone is your child,
And you call me 'My little boy'
Even with my long beards,
Yet i feel not offended,
Because I havent repaid you,
For your care, kindness,
And above all,
Your unconditional LOVE

Thank you mama
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