Thursday, September 3, 2009

The greatest Poets of our times

Before i read other poets i used to think that i am the greatest poet the world has ever seen,
But who said i am not?
For in everyone is a garden full of seeds of greatness only waiting to be nourished by our dreams,
If only we dont defer them and start wondering with Langstone H. of what our dreams will become when as we keep deferring them.
Mine almost raisined itself....
In our dreams we can be anything we want.
Allow me to dream with you that i top the list of some of the famous poets the world has ever witnessed; if you can read the list upside down for now...

1.Langston Hughes

2.Shel Silverstein

3.Pablo Neruda

4.Maya Angelou

5.Edgar Allan Poe

6.Robert Frost

7.Emily Dickinson

8.Elizabeth Barrett Browning

9.E. E. Cummings

10.Walt Whitman

11.William Wordsworth

12.Allen Ginsberg

13.Sylvia Plath

14.Jack Prelutsky

14.William Butler Yeats

15.Thomas Hardy

16.Robert Hayden

17.Amy Lowell

18.Oscar Wilde

19.Theodore Roethke

Infinity....Kebati Victor.
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