Sunday, July 9, 2017


Not again.
You want us to fight again?
A fight to death?
Even before we catch our breath?
Who are them?
Who are us?
You said,
We are fighting “them”
For our rights.
Our rights?
I only see us in the ring.
I don’t see them.
Remember how we fought us?
How you urged us to fight us?
Not for us, but US.
How we’ve always been fighting us?
Fighting us for you?
Fighting us to employ you?
To give you power to mistreat us?
Steal from us?
Using us as pawns, at the battlefront,
Fighting for you.
Killing our mothers for you.
Maiming our sons, for you.
Do you love the colour of blood?
The smell of blood?
The desperate cries of our dying sons?
Do you?
Mr. Politician,
Tell me,
Who will you rule, who will you govern?
If we all die in the ring?
Are we collateral damage for your thirst for power?
You love the color of blood?
Kill you chicken and use their blood to paint your stomach red.
You love the smell of blood?
Kill one of your prize bull and use its blood as perfume.
But please just let us employ you from the safety of the ballot,
Not from our graves.
It is not a fight between us and them,
It is a fight to choose the best from us.
Just drop your CV and we’ll be sure to get back to you just after the election.
And let you know who among us has been successful to lead us.
So this time,
You have to forgive us.
To your suggestion, we say,
Not again
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