Thursday, November 29, 2007

Man Wanders

Out of the crooked timber of humanity,

No straight timber was ever made,

Caution thrown to the wind, man tramples upon other’s rights

All in His zest to fulfill his desires.

Fits trodden upon,

Ribs elbowed against,

And ears treated,

To a sumptuous meal of foul world.

And of a hand is given?

Ingratitude is the payback .

Gratitude escaped the lexicons’ dragnets,

At least in its meaning

Humanity and humility,

Though rhyme they do,

Like water and oil they are,

When one is atop,

The other trodden down must,

Yet a heart exists,

All emotions housed therein,

How they coexist? None can tell,

Hate and love,

Tears and laughter,

Gratitude and ingratitude,

Humility and arrogance,

All in one shell?

Wonders never cease…

Yet they will

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