Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ode To Dawn


We never sat down to chat,

But occasionally our eyes met and I said hi

You said hi too,

Now you are saying bye?

I never really got to know you,

Not at a personally level

But one thing I was sure of

You were good hearted,

At least I could feel it,

To colleagues,


And foes if any,

You earned your respect,

You didn’t have to struggle to be loved,

It just came naturally form everyone who got to meet you,

Even for the shortest time,

To think that you gone is difficult,

At least that’s what a stranger like me feels,

I wonder what your family is going through,

It will take ages to accept the fact that we will never see you again,

At least not in our mortal spirits,

But we can accept the fact that wherever you are;

Your soul is at peace,

Your countenance gives us a glimpse into this

Among the angels you are looking down upon us,

For the short time you were loaned to us,

I know the message God gave you to bring to us,

You delivered,

As we look back and reminisce

The short but quality time some of us spent with you;

The message is yet to be interpreted by us

Mortal men

Quid pro Quo Oh! Dear brother, colleague son and friend.

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