Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 double zero nine

Zero nine is now a memory,
A memory of things we did but shouldn’t have done,
Things we should have done but never did.
Things we said but shouldn’t have said
Should have said but didn’t say,
Places we went but shouldn’t have gone
Places we should have gone but never went.
Friends we made but shouldn’t have made
Should have made but never made.
Friends and family we lost along the way and cried for all these days asking God why us?
And forgetting to thank Him for the blessing of time...
Time which is aptly put by one poet (to paraphrase)
"The hand of time is round but once, no one knows when it’ll stop... Now is the time, Live, love and Toil to the fullest for the morrow the hand might be still."
Yet another opportunity
Not to look back with regret but ahead with hope for YESTERDAY BOUGHT US TODAY THE PRESENT FOR TOMORROW
Unwrap the present with care.
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