Friday, December 18, 2009


“Mum, I really don’t mean to offend you but I have made up my mind that I am going in for Media.” She said with some finality that anyone who did not know Moraa’s family could mistake her for a spoilt disobedient young lady. “As I have always told you my little old Toy,” she had been nicknamed ‘Toy’ in her childhood due to her small sized body and till now the name had stuck like some stubborn super glue. “I will never stand in between you and your dreams, what I only want is to be sure that you make a career choice that you will be proud of even when you will be propping yourself up with a stick like your old man.” Her mother advised her. She usually referred to the father of her only child as the old man. She had learnt to forgive him for breaking her heart but she had sworn that she would never get married again. She believed that each individual had one special person meant for him or her and hers had broken her heart, she could not be married to another man for she would be grabbing or stealing somebody else’s property. She was a staunch Seventh Day Adventist and she lived by the commandments of God; ‘Thou shall not steal,’ the eighth commandment stated in Genesis 20 verse 15. she had also read in Mathew 5:32 that whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery. She did not want to cause someone to sin against God. “If you should ever change your mind, just consider medicine again for I have always envisioned you as a doctor but you do not have to do anything to please me; just go after your heart.” She did not have to put it in many words for she knew her daughter. Just like her grandmother, Lillian had always been a principled lady. In her childhood, her mother did not even dare to lull her to sleep if she had made up her mind to cry all night through. And when she decided to play, it was play and nothing else. “You have to move mountains to have her change her mind,” her mother had mused to a relative who had tried to soothe an unrelenting- crying stubborn kid. “Just let her cry her heart out, she will self- soothe when she will feel like.” “Mom I know I can always make it in any field that I may venture into even medicine but I just don’t have the morale to do it.” The case was settled for good. This topic was never going to be revisited again
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