Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grandma's world

Sitting on Grandma's laps i used how it ould be true,
That the world out there wasnot as safe a her reauring cuddle le me to believe,
That out there, now out here,
They were there,
People who derive pleasure and treasure,
And take the gain from th pain of others,
That out there, here,
I could not feign sickness and demand for my favourite brand of soda,
That i could not look forward to everytuesday' and saturdays,
When Grandma coul head to the market and come back with two and a half mandazis,
Two for me and half for my sister,
That no on cared whether i put on a backside deficient trouser to work,
That this was the real world where everyone is to herself and God intended it the other way,
Yes, this is the world we've come to believe in,
But now as i take Grandma on my laps,
I cant help but wonder how i shoul tell her sh was somehow wrong,
That everyone builds the world he must live in,
As for me;
I rebuild the world Grandma made me feel,
With her genuine concern for her grandson,
A world of possibilities.
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