Thursday, January 28, 2010


If everyone was Happy,
If everyone you met on the street wore a genuine smile,
If Every friend meant well for you,
If everyone would step aside for a moment,
Out of oneself and see how the world sees her,
Wouldn't it be MARVELOUS?
But they are not!

What if all the people who told you they cared really did?
What if everyone who's ever whispered in your ear that the LOVE YOU actually did,
What if no one was trying to be richer than everyone,
What if everyone you've ever met knows how it feels to go hungry for two straight days
What if what if was never in the dictionary and instead we had IT IS?
Wouldn't it be AWESOME?
But it is not

And if each one of us was content with what they had?
And if each one of us did what they really love doing?
And if you, me and them adopted a needy Haitian, Darfurian, 'in-needian'?
And if each one of us realized how hating someone is so tiresome?
Wouldn't That be LOVELY?
But it is not!


But they can Be,
It Can Be!
Starting With ME.
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