Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am me when i do what i do,
I am not being mean,
I am me when i think what i think,
I am not being psychic,
I am me when i say what i say,
I am not making a fool out of myself,
I am me when i laugh at myself,
I am not insane to wait for you to do it for me,
I am me when i tell you what i tell you,
I am simply not trying to please you,
I am me when i was writing this,
I am not trying to be the greatest poet that ever lived,
I am me when i ask you to let me be me,

If you find me boring
Dont try changing me,
That is me,
If you find me quite,
Dont expect me to suddenly chatterbox,
That's me; i speak within,
If you find me tall,
Dont try breaking my bones to dwarfen me,
I am me; thats how wonderfully and fearfully He created me,
If you find me skinny for your liking,
Dont try those fattening pills on me,
I cant carry myself if i weighed more than this,
If you find me different from the rest,
Dont try conforming me to the rest,
Take a minute and picture me in a different body,
Saying different things,
Doing different things,
Thinking different thoughts,
And tell me if i would still go by the same name,
Then you would have to change my name,
And call me YOU.
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