Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good neighborhood

How troubled do you get when you hear my screams at night,
How concerned at you when you hear harmony of yawns from my children,
With an accompaniment of belching from yours?
How thoughtful are you when each of your kids,
Skid past my tiny mud walled Bungalow,
In their four wheeled Gas guzzlers as they are chauffeured to school,
Overtaking us on our non-fueled two wheelers,
As i drag my hungry kids to the local harambee school.
Do you feel anything,
Is your hear touched,
Are your senses tickled?
Do you for a moment stop to ask,
And do the What If analysis?
What if you offered us the surplus food you throw away to the canines?
What if you became humane enough to drop my 2kids to the school once in a while,
And they offer you the free services of cleaning your car after school?
What if in heaven we'll be equal?
The screams at night, when the thugs strike,
Hope you dont smile and say good riddance,
For i value you good neighbor,
And on my knees i always remember to ask God to bless you.
Good neighbor!
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